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rainy day kid activities

Rainy Day Kid Activity

Today started like any other 24 hour call day, which is to say, it began last night with a desperate attempt by me to figure how to entertain two high energy boys on a cold, rainy Saturday alone. As I was considering my options of indoor activities last night, my husband came up with a perfect plan. Take them to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, let them get their energy out in the play place.

Jackpot! Why hadn’t I thought of that.

I got them out of bed with the exciting news, and both boys were thrilled, what a treat! Little did I know it would become a treat for me too.

For those unfamiliar with Chick-fil-A, it is like this pleasant, friendly little Oasis among fast-food chains. The boys and I cross the parking lot and a helpful employee saw us coming and immediately opened the door for us. Oh how wonderful it is when you’re juggling two toddlers like a mama baboon to have someone be so considerate right from the start.

A sweet employee took our order, ever patient with the changing mind of my four year old who tried to sneak a milkshake in at 8 am (not happening, you haven’t worn me down that much by this hour of the day kid, keep trying). My order was summed up and when I thanked the employee the response (as always) was “it’s my pleasure” – have I mentioned I love Chick-fil-A? I mean, on a cold, rainy day alone with no hubby, having someone tell me it’s their pleasure to serve me? Talk about a mom win. Even better, they handed me my little cone and sent me on my way to find a table while they followed behind with my order, a high chair and the amazing little plastic disposable table covers to put in front of my kids so that their germ hoarding will be limited only to the parts of the play place they lick. They’ll lick it. Boys are gross.

We ate, they had a great time, and only asked 35 times if it was time to play yet. This is actually less than usual because they were busy eating their fruit cups and breakfast sandwiches. In case you’re tracking it, we are now onto Mom win number 5 of the day, all before 8:30 am.

Finally they got to play. They climbed, they pressed buttons and heard the animals talk to them, they came down (and up) the slide (yes I tried to stop them from going up, no it didn’t work). I had interesting conversation with a couple of other parents while drinking my coffee. ¬†We’re adding two more mom wins here (adult conversation and coffee). Eventually it was time to head out, I grabbed the lovely hand sanitizing wipes and cleaned hands and feet and we were on our way. Two glorious hours of physical activity (boy moms, you get this), bellies full of a once-in-a-while treat, and me getting the friendly door and table service of a restaurant at a place my kids can be kids.

It’s your pleasure Chick-fil-A? Thank you, but this time, the pleasure was all mine. Thanks for the rainy day retreat and the cleaner than average play place I only had to climb into twice to rescue my two year old. Thanks for the step stool in the restroom so I only had to physically hold up one child to wash hands not two. Thanks for the hand sanitizer and my sanity for the morning.

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