About Me

About Me!

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What is this all about?

Welcome to Mom In Review! I’m a mom of two little boys and two dogs. I’m a transplant from NY to the coastal Southeast, happily trading in snow and ice for sand and sweet tea.

So far, I write about life, successes and failures of motherhood, products I love, books I have read, recipes my family has tried and the trials, joys and adventures of being a physician family. In general, I review my life on many fronts and I welcome you to join me as I try to figure it all out.

Who am I?

I am a former litigator and corporate ethics and compliance professional. I got my JD and MBA while my husband was pursuing his MD (which means we have more debt than a small country). I am an avid reader and dream of owning my own used bookstore. I love to learn. I don’t love math, I may have a non life-threatening math allergy, we’re still looking into it. I like baking, I don’t like creative cooking (if you have a recipe, I’m going to follow it down to the grain of salt needed, I just don’t do well with “pinches” of things and adding “to taste”).

I am a compulsive “to-do” list maker and calendar keeper. I love for things to be neat, tidy and properly in their place (and I live with three of the messiest people on the face of the earth). I love life, I love my family and I love that we are lucky enough to live in a place with a mild climate so I can be outside all year letting my kids run their energy out like the wild animals they are. I love sweets and am on a first name basis with our local french bakery. I hate cilantro.

This blog is intended to give me a place to share my thoughts, successes, failures and interests with others. I look forward to having you along as I explore this new adventure. Thanks for stopping by!