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Five Great Books For Pre-Schoolers

Pre-School books

Five Great Books for Pre-Schoolers

As a lifelong book lover, I often find myself wondering what books will appeal to my little ones. I have been reading to them since they were a week or two old in the hopes that I will foster in them a love of reading and all that books offer. I decided to begin compiling lists of their favorite books as they pass through different ages and phases.

My four-year-old son Sean has been really into reading for the past year. As much as he enjoyed books as a baby and toddler, once he was fully on the move, he developed an “on/off switch” approach to life. If he was on, he was moving, climbing, jumping, running, diving, etc. and if he was off he was sleeping. His attention span just wasn’t there and he preferred to have my husband tell him stories of the adventures of “a boy named Sean” instead of following along in a book.

In the last year or so though, he is all about books and has gone so far as to suggest that he and I write a book together because there aren’t enough funny books to choose from. Five of our favorite pre-school books at this moment are:

  1. Popcorn by Frank Asch – This is a classic. It was one of my favorite books as an elementary age child and now my 4-year-old son has really begun to enjoy it. The illustrations are unique (a different style from many of the books you see out today). It is a cute story about a little bear who invites his friends over for a Halloween costume party. My son loves the Halloween theme and thought it was funny that all the kids brought the same snack (popcorn) and that once they popped it, it filled the whole house.
  2. On the Construction Site: A Shine-a-Light Book by Kane Miller – I purchased this book during a friend’s online Usborne book party (from a fellow book lover and Usborne rep Amanda Coffelt). The concept is fantastic for pre-school readers, you read a page about what’s going on at the construction site (there are other stories in other Shine-a-light books as well) and you shine a flashlight behind the page to see all of the inner workings of that construction site. It’s like discovering a secret world on each page. My son loves this book and never gets tired of seeing the hidden images appear. He brought it for show and tell and his classmates enjoyed the surprise of the pages revealing their hidden pictures.
  3. The Pigeon Needs A Bath! by Mo Willems – This book is at the top of our list lately. He asked me for funny books so we dug out our copy of this one and he loved all of the Pigeon’s antics and tricks to try to convince you that he does not need a bath. He interacts with the book and has added two other Pigeon books (Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! and Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late!) to his list of favorites.
  4. The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak – I would have to rank this as probably my son’s favorite book right now. He loves having family members come over so that he can “trick” them into reading this book. (For those who have not read it, the book makes grown-ups who read it say all sorts of funny things). No matter how many people he has “tricked” or how many times it has been read to him, he still laughs out loud. He gets such a kick out of it, it’s fun to watch his reactions over and over.
  5. Mix It Up by Herve Tullet- Fondly referred to as “the magic book” in our house, this is such a fantastic, interactive book. The book takes you through instructions as you turn each page. While you follow the instructions to place your hand on a page or shake the book, the colors on the next page swirl, appear, vanish and change depending on the instructions you have followed and the action you have taken. My son loves seeing the power he has to change the next page just by following some simple commands. This one is a winner in our house for sure.



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1 thought on “Five Great Books For Pre-Schoolers

  1. I absolutely LOVED reading this! I’m trying very hard to develop a passion for reading inside my 4year old but when I get in a bookstore I get overwhelmed by the thousands of books. Your suggestions are great and I can’t wait to order these for my little one. Her birthday is right around the corner and these will be fun gifts!

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